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You may wish to print this page to use as a helpful reference. It tells you how to...

1. How to navigate the QRS Web
Go To Top To stay within the QRS Web, use the links in the gray menu. Each link begins with the letters QRS. Each QRS page body has additional controls and links that you can use to bring up additional information. In long pages such as this one, blue arrows along the lefthand page margin give you a quick way to return to the top of the page. Just click on the arrow.

2. Find providers of Alzheimer's or other specialty services
Go To Top Use the QRS Search page to look for specialty services such as Alzheimer's care. Note that all specialty services listed in QRS are self-reported and updated only at the time of an inspection. Therefore, the list of providers that QRS reports for a particular specialty service may include some facilities that no longer offer that service. QRS will also fail to report providers who do offer the specialty service but who have either chosen not to report it on their inspection or who have not yet had a new inspection since they began offering the specialty service.

3. How to locate information about a particular provider
Go To Top If you know a provider's name, address, or phone area code, you can use the QRS Search page to locate specific information on that provider. You can also find a particular provider by using the 3-step process that begins on the QRS Home page.

Step 1: On the QRS Home page, click on the type of service that the provider gives. QRS will then show you a geographical Locator page.
Step 2: Use the Locator page controls to tell QRS the general geographic location such as a city or county name. After you click the appropriate Go button, QRS will display a new page that shows a list of links that let you view an index of facilities, comparisons of facilities and other related information.
Step 3: On this new page, click the link that points to the index for providers in the geographic area that you selected.

4. How to compare providers in a particular city, county or other geographical area
Go To Top Follow the three steps outlined in question #2 above. In Step 3, click the link that points to a provider comparison.

5. How to compare providers in different counties or geographical areas
Go To Top All QRS ratings are based on statewide criteria. Printing provider comparison pages from two different cities, counties or other geographical areas permits you to make direct comparisons between providers in those two areas. To do this, follow the instructions in question 3 above, use your Web browser's controls to print the results, and then repeat the process for the second area.

6. How to choose a nursing home
Go To Top QRS is a tool that provides information that can help you identify one or more facilities to visit. It is not meant to serve as the only basis for choosing a particular provider. Use QRS to identify one or more providers to visit. Then, visit them and make your own first-hand inspection and evaluation. Here is a checklist that you can use to help you compare nursing facilities that you decide to visit.

7. How to submit complaints concerning a provider
Go To Top The Texas Department of Human Services Long Term Care Regulatory division operates two complaint Hot-Lines.

Report complaints concerning any provider listed in QRS to (800) 458-9858.

8. How providers should report QRS errors or omissions
Go To Top Please note that some information such as facility inspection data are not usually shown in QRS until two months after an inspection or investigation. This delay affects all providers. If you are a provider and you believe that specific QRS data are incorrect or that your facility should be included in QRS but has not been, use this e-mail link to report your concern.

Caution: This web site does not reflect recommendations of any specific provider by DADS. It is simply a tool that you can use to help you make a selection. Because QRS shows information from a limited time period and is updated only once each month, it may not include some important events that are either older or more recent. QRS rating systems are developed in collaboration with long term care providers and consumer advocates and may include some self-declared and unverified information.

To obtain the most recent information about a provider, contact DADS Consumer Information Hotline at 1-800-458-9858, or click this link for additional information: DADS Consumer Information . For general inquiries, send an email to

Last Update 01/10/2018